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Hardware Problems
Blue Screen errors
Electronic recycling
Data Loss
Data Backup
VHS to DVD copies

Are Computer problems Circling YOU??!!

We Have Been Providing Stress-Relief Since 1995

Focusing on: Computer & Laptop diagnostics, repair, infection removal, and optimization.

Additional Services include: Corporate networking, Recycling, Data Backup and Data Recovery services

Hard drive Failure
Computer and Laptop Diagnoses & Repair
Windows OS or Boot errors

Help Support Local Businesses:
C&S Lawn Equip Repair
Zenfolio - Photographer
We are Proud Supporters
Alzheimer's Disease - Niemann_Pick - Tay-Sachs

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On a budget? We sell used parts for your computer:

Keyboards, mice, Power supplies, Network, video, sound and memory cards...More

Brother Authorized Repair facility
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Computer Tune-up Service: $89.00

Scan computer for & remove infections, Install All missing updates, Remove all unnecessary files, programs and settings, Optimize settings, files and folders for increased performance

30 day Guarantee

30 day guarantee on all service.
No appointment necessary.
Average 1 - 2 day return on repairs.
FREE E-recycling center