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Click here for Directions: 521 W. Uwchlan Ave. Downingtown, Pa. __Phone: 610-594-6270
Hardware Problems
Blue Screen errors
Electronic recycling
Data Loss
Data Backup
VHS to DVD copies

Are Computer problems Circling YOU??!!

We Have Been Providing Stress-Relief Since 1995

Focusing on: Computer & Laptop diagnostics, repair, infection removal, and optimization.

Additional Services include: Corporate networking, Recycling, Data Backup and Data Recovery services

Harddrive Failure
Computer and Laptop Diagnoses & Repair
Windows OS or Boot errors

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C&S Lawn Equip Repair
Zenfolio - Photographer
We are Proud Supporters
Alzheimer's Disease - Niemann_Pick - Tay-Sachs

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-30 day guarrantee on all service. -No appointment necessary. -Average 1 - 2 day return on repairs. -FREE E-recycling center

On a budget? We sell used parts for your computer:

Keyboards, mice, Power supplies, Network, video, sound and memory cards...More

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Brother Authorized Repair facility

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